Why you NEED to Start Getting Google Reviews TODAY!

Updated: May 18, 2021

In this blog, we'll tell you exactly why Google reviews are a crucial part to booking new jobs as we head into the second half of 2020. Let's get right to it!

Reason #1: A big boost to your organic SEO Ranking.

Reviews are a major part of how Google determines what local businesses to highlight in the highly coveted Google my Business Top 3 listings as seen in the photo. As you can see, one of our other agencies is ranking #1 for the search term "marketing agencies". This is solely because we have the most quality reviews in our area. As a result, Google sees us as the best result and has awarded us the #1 organic ranking on Google my Business.

What Determines a Quality Review?

  1. Keywords:

Not all reviews are equal in the eyes of the Google algorithm. Google looks for reviews with certain keywords like "I would highly recommend" and "We will use this service again". Phrases like this show Google that only did your customer leave a good review, but their experience was so good that they plan to recommend you or use your service a second a time.

2. Legitimate Accounts

Not only does Google look at the phrases and keywords used in reviews, they also look at the accounts that have left them. Google wants to make sure you're not leaving yourself fake reviews and practicing dishonest business practices to deceive searchers. Google will take into account how long the reviewers email has been around, past reviews, and if their domain matches your domain.

We highly recommend you DO NOT leave yourself fake reviews in an effort to boost your ranking. Not only is this extremely dishonest and unethical, but Google might catch on... and if they do, you'll never rank again.

Reason #2: Social Proof

This is the obvious reason. It goes without saying that reviews are a fantastic form of social proof. If someone is looking for a local contractor, they are far more likely to click on one with 12 five star reviews than one with no reviews, or even one with 2 five star reviews.

Moat studies recommend you aim for at least 8 reviews, but 10+ is ideal. If you can get 20+, you'll be in great shape! The more the better.


To conclude, we highly recommend you reach out to past customers and ask them to take 30 seconds and leave you a review on Google. Inside your Google my business dashboard there is a link you can copy that will send people directly to your page where they can easily leave you a review.

Also, keep in mind, if your GMB profile is not linking to a well set up website, those visitors may not convert! Check out our website conversion checklist here!

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