Why Contractors Should Start Using ChatBots Right Now!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

You may or may not have heard the term Chat Bot a few times by now, but, do you know what they really do, how to set them up, or why you should use them? In this blog, we'll go over in detail why you NEED to start using chat bots as a contractor.

So, What Exactly Is a Chat Bot?

A Chat Bot is an automated chat sequence that you can hook up to your Facebook messenger to convert prospects into leads without lifting a finger.

When someone messages your page, your chat bot will instantly reply and offer them the answers and guidance they need based on how you've programmed it. You can also have your bot send prompts like click to call, link to certain website pages, or fill out lead forms.

Why Do I Need a Chat Bot?

As a contractor, my guess is that you're usually on job sites, on the road, talking with clients, or busy running the day to day of your business. As a result, when messages come in, many of them are probably falling through the cracks and you're losing leads.

A chat bot can instantly solve this problem and allow you to automate your responses and lead generation without lifting a finger.

How Do I Set Up a Chat Bot?

There are several great chat bot programs on the market that you can use, we recommend ManyChat.

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