Website Design Checklist. 5 Steps to Make Sure Your Website Is Set Up To Convert Visitors Into Leads

Updated: May 18, 2021

5 Steps to Make Sure Your Website Is Set Up To Convert Visitors Into Leads

By now, pretty much every contractor out there has a website and if you don't, go get one! (we offer free websites to all our clients).

However, these days simply having a website isn't enough. You need a website that is designed specifically with your goals in mind that will convert visitors into the kinds of leads your business needs.

Below, we list a simple 5 item checklist that will help you use your website as effectively as possible.

1. Have a lead form on the first fold of your website

Take a look at the image above, notice how easy it is for a visitor to submit their information because the lead form is the first thing they see? Far too often we see websites hiding lead forms on "contact us" pages and forcing the visitor to take more than necessary to submit a form.

The more time and clicks it takes someone to fill out a lead form, the more likely they click off your site before they convert. Make it quick and easy!

2. Make Key Information Easily Available

Just like with leads forms, you need to make sure your key information is easily accessible and viewable as soon as a visitor lands on your site. Tell them what you do and make sure they understand how you can solve the problems they're facing. Never force a visitor to spend unnecessary time looking for key information, you'll lose them before they convert 99% of the time.

3. Make Sure Your Website's Design is Consistent

It's important that when a visitor lands on your website that everything flows, looks, and functions consistently. From your colors, fonts, and page layouts, to your lead forms, spacing, and menus, make sure everything is on-brand and consistent. This will help make the visitor feel more comfortable navigating your site and lead to a higher conversion percentage.

4. Design Your Website With Conversions In Mind

When building your site, keep conversions in mind. Having a lead form in your first fold is a great start, but having multiple strategically placed lead forms is even better. We recommend at least 3. 1 in your first fold, one in the middle of your site, and in your footer. Make sure to name or label each lead form in a unique way so you know which ones are converting best.

Don't be surprised to see lead form #2 be your best performer.

5. Make sure your website is 100% mobile friendly

Did you know that on average 75% of website visitors are on mobile devices? If your website is not designed with mobile users in mind, you will lose countless conversions. The above rules apply for mobile as well, make it as easy as possible for mobile users to navigate, fill out forms, and find the information they need.

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