How We Generated 9 Steel Construction Leads in One Weekend Spending Just $10.

Updated: May 18, 2021

ABC Steel Structures located in Bedford, VA is one of our oldest clients here at BCH. We've always been able to generate great results for ABC, but this weekend was something special, and we want to share with you exactly how we did it. Between Saturday April 18th, and Sunday April 19th, we generated ABC Steel Structures 9 Leads spending just $10 total. See the lead breakdown below ⬇️.

3 Carport Leads

3 Garage Leads

2 Barn Leads

1 Arg Storage Lead

So, How'd We Do it?

For this particular lead geenration campaign we used a two-prong approach splitting our $10 daily budget between one Facebook Lead Ad one Facebook Traffic Ad each at $5/day.

Breakdown and Strategies below ⬇️.

Traffic Ads

The first $5 of our daily budget goes towards Facebook Traffic Ads. These ads are pretty self explanatory. When a user clicks the call to action, they are sent directly to your website where they can see more information and most importantly, contact you with ease. Below are a few quick strategy tips to keep in mind when attempting to convert website visitors into leads ⬇️.

1. Make sure your website's load time is fast. One of the most common reasons that clicks often don't turn into leads is due to website load time. If your site loads too slow, people will click off before even seeing your offer. When I say slow, I'm talking anything over 3 seconds.

2. Make sure your lead form is "above the fold" on your website on both desktop and mobile. This means that on both desktop and mobile your lead form can be seen and filled out without the user needing to scroll. When someone sees your ad they click the CTA because they either want more info, or more likely, because they want to give you their info. Make it as easy as possible for a visitor to submit their info before they lose interest or get distracted.

3. Ask good qualifying questions. When it comes to leads, the goal is quality over quantity. It's no secret that one lead who picks up the phone when you call is worth more than 5 who you can never get ahold of. Make sure to qualify your leads by creating lead forms that ask the right questions. For example, with ABC Steel Structures we ask the visitor questions like "building type", "width", "length" etc. This weeds out less interested applicants and allows the ABC team to only get leads that have shown a real interest in their product. As a result, the contact percentage and close percentage on leads is extremely high.

Lead Form Ads

Our other $5 each day goes towards Facebook Lead ads. Unlike Traffic ads, Lead Ads allow users to fill out a quick lead form right there on Facebook instead of being sent to your website. Like anything else, this has both pros and cons. Lead Ads can get usually get more leads for your money, however often times the quality of the leads are not as high as those that come in via the website. That being said, we ask the same qualifying questions on both ad forms to ensure we generate the highest quality leads possible. As a result, our FB Lead Ad leads also have a great contact and close rate.


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