How To Automate Your Lead Generation

If you've read any of our past blogs, you know we are big on encouraging contractors to stop overpaying for leads from third party companies like HomeAdvisor or marketing agencies, and instead start generating their own leads.

Did you know that not only is this easily achievable, but it can also be be almost 100% automated and run on autopilot?

Here's how!

Step 1: Choose Your Lead Generation Source:

There are a two routes you can go here. We recommend these 3 options and in this order.

  1. Facebook Ads

  2. Google Ads

You can learn more about Facebook & Google ads HERE.

Facebook and Google ads are quick and easy ways to generate high quality low cost IF DONE RIGHT. The great part is that once you set up your ads, they will run on their own and Facebook or Google will use it's AI to constantly improve their performance over time.

As leads come in, you can set up an automation using a tool like Zapier to instantly text you or your sales team the lead information for instant follow up.

All you need to do is set up the system, let it run, and watch the leads come in. No more paying for nonexclusive overpriced leads, no more waiting for marketing agencies to send you day old leads. Just instant warm leads who contacted you directly almost 100% on autopilot.

If you're interested in learning EXACTLY how to do this yourself, we've put together something to teach you the exact process step by step. Click here to check it out!

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