How General Contractors Can Generate Daily Leads for Commercial, Luxury, and Residential Work

Updated: May 18, 2021

Blue Collar Hacks Lead Generation

Are you a General Contractor looking to stay busy during all this COVID craziness? We know times are tough for many, so we're going to show you the exact strategy we use to keep our GC clients busy with a constant stream of leads coming in, for jobs of all shapes and sizes.

Method #1. Facebook Ads:

(This method works best for GC's looking to book more Residential jobs.)

Our Facebook advertising strategy revolves around 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Test several target audiences, ad creatives, ad copies, and headlines to see which demographics and ads perform best.

Step 2. Drive targeted website traffic

Step 3. Retarget anyone who showed interest and convert them into a qualified lead.

Let's dive into this strategy a bit more in depth and break it down step by step.

TESTING: Every successful Facebook ad campaign starts with testing. This is the process of narrowing down what demographics (age, gender, location, interests) and what ads (creatives, copies, headlines, ad types) will yield the best results for your specific business. Typically we spend the first few weeks of our campaigns doing testing, testing and more testing. As a result, we are able to determine EXACTLY what works for our GC clients.

DRIVING TARGETED WEBSITE TRAFFIC: Once we have an understanding of what targeting options and ads will be effective, we start allocating the bulk of our ad spend budget to targeting these demographics with Facebook traffic ads that link directly to our website (which is set up to convert visitors into leads).

RETARGETING: This is where the real magic happens. Using the Facebook pixel, we're able to retarget anyone who clicked our ads and went to our website. To get even more advanced, we can set up custom events for example, if someone clicks our contact page, and only target them.

This allows us to allocate our budget towards targeting those who have already shown an interest in our service, but did not convert the first time around.

METHOD #2. Google Ads

(This method works best for GC's looking to book more commercial jobs)

Leads for General Contractors

Google ads are a very straight forward concept, someone Googles "general contractor near me" and your ad shows up, they visit your website and hopefully convert to a lead. Sadly, it's not really that simple.

You need to start by creating a list of keywords that you want to rank for, from there set your target locations and demographics, set your budget and begin crafting your ads. A few tips for effective Google ads are..

1. Make use of all the "extension" options they give you like..

- Sitelink Extension

- Call Extensions

- Location Extensions

- Callout Extensions

- Structured Snippet Extensions

And more! These will all help your ads stand out, rank higher, and convert better.

2. Track your ads and start adding "negative keywords"

Negative keywords allow you to remove unwanted search keywords that are triggering your ads and costing you money when clicked. For example, let's say you want to show up for people searching for "general contractor near me", but someone searches for "how to become a general contractor" and clicks your ad. You would then want to go and add that search phrase to your negative list.

3. Set up conversion tracking on your website so know if your ads are generating leads.

Remember, just because your ads are getting clicks, does not mean those clicks are leading to jobs. Make sure to set up conversion tracking so you can see which ads are generating leads and giving you an ROI.

Google ads can be VERY powerful if done RIGHT. They also can also WASTE a ton of money if done wrong, so definitely ask for help if you haven't used Google ads before.


These are the two methods we have used to generate countless high quality, low cost leads for our GC friends. When used correctly and inside a full marketing strategy, these sources have proven to yield a huge ROI for GC's of all kinds, nationwide.

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