Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Which is the Better Fit For Your Business?

Updated: May 18, 2021

With so many options for lead generation these days, it can be hard to know what platform is the best fit for your business. Should you use a tool like Home Advisor (see our recent blog post on that topic by clicking here). Or, should you handle things in house (or hire an agency) and generate leads using Facebook, or Google ads?

In this short blog we'll break down both platforms, what they're known for, and how to best use them.

Facebook Ads:

Over the years we have run countless Facebook ads for contractors and here is what we've found.

- Facebook ads are best for residential contractors because of the detailed targeting options Facebook has, to target specific location, home ownerships status, income, and interests.

- Facebook ads are NOT ideal for commercial contractors due to the inability to target the right demographics.

- Facebook lead form ads generate BY FAR the most leads for the cheapest cost. However, if done poorly these leads can be low quality or even fake.

- Facebook conversion ads are your best bet for generating high quality leads at a lower volume, by sending traffic straight to your website's lead form.

- Facebook is by far the easiest platform to RETARGET on. This means you can serve a new ad to someone who showed interest in your service but did NOT convert into a lead/sale.

The average campaign converts a targeted audience at around 2%. So what about the other 98% of people that saw or interacted with your ad but didn't convert into a lead? This is where Retargeting ads come into play. Since studies show consumers need to see something an average of 7 times before converting, this retargeting option is a must!

- You need to be aware of how active your competition is on Facebook. If you're both targeting the same demographic but they're spending $100/day and you're spending $20/day, your ads will be far less effective.

- That being said, we have seen that just $20/day in ad spend is very effective in almost all industries and locations around the world. The main exceptions being the roofing and solar industries. These two industries typically require $50-$100/day to be effective.

Facebook is by far the easier platform to create "do it yourself" ads. That being said, if set up poorly, it can lead to a "quantity over quality" approach to lead generation. The key to EFFECTIVE Facebook ads is the right targeting, testing, and qualifying questions on your lead forms in order to weed out any bogus leads. We've seen incredible success for residential contractors of all kinds using Facebook ads.

Google Ads:

Here is what we have learned managing over 500k in Google ad spend for our contracting clients.

- Google is ideal for commercial contractors.

- Google works for residential contractors but more often than not leads to higher lead costs vs Facebook.

- Google allows you to target your competition and steal their traffic / leads using conquesting ads.

- This also means that competitors can steal your traffic / leads the same way.

- Since Google is cost per click, shady competitors can spam click your ads to use up your daily budget and waste your money.

- The strength of Google is that you can bid on words related to your industry. This makes it easy to get in front of people looking for your service.

- That being said, depending on how many people are advertising for these keywords, the cost per click can be extremely high. So research potential cost estimates for keywords that you want to target. Also, with the wrong website layout, this can lead to a lot of wasted money and no conversions from your efforts.

Google is either a GREAT tool or a TOTAL waste of money depending on how you use it. If you've mastered bidding strategies, keyword research, competitor research, and conquesting, you should be good to go. Just watch those keywords cost and track your leads to make sure it's leading to an ROI!


If you're looking for a do it yourself solution to lead generation, both Facebook and Google have their fair share of pros and cons. The real trick is to know how to use them the right way in order to get the most out of them.

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