Case Study: Texas Concrete Repair. From Zero to Hero in under 4 months.

Updated: May 18, 2021

Introduction to Texas Concrete Repair

Texas Concrete Repair is a concrete repair and leveling company located in Little Elm, Texas and services the bulk of the DFW area. TCR uses a state of the art Eco-Rise technology to raise cracked slabs, while filling voids in the soil caused by settling and erosion in as little as 15 minutes with no mess, torn up grass, or property damage. Within 15-30 minutes of injecting the polyurethane foam, stabilizing unconsolidated soil, filling the cavity/void and stabilizing the concrete slab, the work area is ready for use. If you know Texas, you know there is a huge market for this service. However, being brand new to the game and having to go up against a similar company who already owned the market was a tough task, that's where we come in.

The Problem

The guys from TCR came to us with a problem, they knew had a great product that was both affordable and effective for residential, commercial, and municipal needs. However, they were brand new and weren't quite sure what approach to take to drive website traffic and generate leads.

The Solution

Our first step was creating a website for TCR that we knew would convert visitors into leads. From there, as with most of our clients, we took a dual pronged approach to lead generation by splitting our daily budget between Facebook Lead Form Ads, Facebook Traffic Ads, and Google Search Ads.

Even during the slower holiday months and unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic, TCR has seen a steady stream of leads come in daily. Due to the COVID-19 state lockdown in TX, we were forced to postpone our ads for an entire month. However we're happy to say we've come back as strong as ever in May with multiple leads coming in daily.

Client Feedback

Check out this video to see for yourself what TCR's owner, Dan has to say abut his experience with us.


After just 3.5 months of using our lead generation and growth strategy, TCR was able to own the market and become the premier concrete contractor in the DFW area despite having bigger and more established competitors spending more on marketing each month. You see, when it comes to marketing, business growth, and owning your local market, it's not just the budget that matters, it's the strategy that really counts.

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