Are Google Local Service Ads The Next Big Thing For Contractors?

Updated: May 18, 2021

I'm sure by now you're familiar with Google ads, or as they used to be called, Google Ad Words. However, have you taken look at Google's latest big advertising platform, Google Local Service Ads? While GLSA have been around and being tested for 3 years now, they seem to be getting more and more popular as we head deeper into 2020.

GLSA are designed for contractors and home service professionals, and in our opinion, are worth checking out heading into Summer of 2020.

Unlike regular Google ads which charge you per click, GLSA charge you only when someone contacts you from your ad. This allows you to have a much higher chance of booking an estimate and seeing an ROI on your ad spend.

As you can see in the photo, GLSA ads come up even before regular Google ads on your search page. This gives you an even better chance to win the job the prospect is searching for.

Is This a Good Fit For Me?

Currently, GLSA only has options for the following industries..

- Carper Cleaners

- Electricians

- House Cleaners


- Junk Removal

- Lawn Care

- Movers

- Pest Control

- Plumbers

- Roofers

- Tree Services

- Water Damage Services

- Window Services

Don't see your industry on there? Don't worry they're adding more as the platform grows. If you do see your service, then yes, go ahead and try it out. As long as you're licensed and insured of course...see the next section for more details on that.

How Do I Get Started With GLSA?

To get started, search "Google Local Service Ads" and click on the home page. From there, click "Get Started". You'll need to fill out some basic information like your business name, address, owners name, and number of field workers. From there, you'll pick what services you want to offer and where you are geographically.

Finally, Google will need to verify your business has everything needed to gain their badge of trust and allow you to advertise. You'll need to prove that you have the necessary insurance and licenses required to operate in your field. Once you fill in this info, give Google 1-3 weeks to verify your business (it could take longer due to COVID 19). Finally, set your daily budget and approve your ad.

A Note About Reviews & Why You NEED Them.

One thing to note is that your business MUST have at least one Google review in order to run on GLSA. Businesses with more reviews will see better results. In our opinion, GLSA will only be worth running if your rating is at least 4.8 stars and you have at least 8-10 reviews. If you're rated 3 stars, nobody will contact you if you're next to someone rated 5 stars. Furthermore, if you're rated 5 stars but only by 2 reviewers, your competition rated 4.8 stars by 12 reviewers will win out. Consumers don't just like to see a high star rating, they also value the number of ratings.

The Pros & Cons of GLSA

Like anything in life, GLSA have both pros and cons. See our list below to see if you think it's worth trying.


- Rank at the top of search results

- Google Maps Listings

- Pay for leads, not clicks

- Dispute low quality or fake leads for ads credit


- Your ad ranking will be determined by your proximity to the searcher. This makes GLSA only valuable for a small part of your market. You'll need other advertising platforms to reach consumers that may be a bit further away form your address.

- You need a lot of reviews and at least 4.8 star ranking for GLSA to be useful. If you're matched up against a competitor with a better ranking or more reviews, you'll lose 9 times out of 10.

- Higher lead costs. Depending on your area and industry, leads costs might be affordable .However, they can also get very high when compared to a good Facebook ad campaign. This all depends on your local market. We recommend doing some market research first.


So, are GLSA the next big thing for contractors? We're not ready to go that far just yet. GLSA are great and can add a ton of value to the right business, in the right industry, in the right location, with the right amount of reviews, and the right rating. Yeah... that's a lot of prerequisites, isn't it?

In our opinion, GLSA are worth giving a try, but don't expect them to 10x your business over night. Facebook is still king, and the right social media content and adverting strategy will still yield the highest ROI 9 times out of 10 from all our testing.

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